In FNS, the more deok-jil you do,
the heavier your wallet becomes!

you will both have fun and profit at the same time!

There are three concepts you need to know first. Honor, Gold, Coin!

This is a fan club activity mileage that is given in the form of power according to the amount of activity level. Each fan club that you join has separate Honor. For example, if you have 10 fan clubs, there are 10 types of Honors. Honor automatically switches to Gold in 24 hours and stacks up in your pocket.

Gold is a currency that is divided by each individual artist. The value of Gold changes with the influence of the artists within FNS. When you trade an influential artist’s Gold with another artist’s Gold, the value is highly recognized and is even beneficial. You cannot exchange gold directly into cash, but you can exchange for cash after exchanging into FNS Coin.

At FNS, you can use the Coin equally as cash to purchase goods at the Fan Shop, and exchange Coin for cash.

To summarize, If a user has 3 fan clubs A, and 3 fan clubs B, the user can have a total of 6 Honors and 2 types of Gold (A Gold, B Gold), which can be converted to Coin and be used to purchase goods at the Fan Shop or even exchange for cash.
  • Q. What activities do I need to do to get rewarded?

    Every time you press ‘Like’, you get a certain amount of Honor deducted, and in trade get 2% of Honor. The more active you are, the more reward you can get as you accumulate.

    Once you post in Fan club NOW! and Fan Story, 50% of the Honor’s posts go to the content creator and the other 50% go to the fans who actively reacted to the posts.

    Fan-Sing (AR Karaoke)
    Show off your singing skills by turning on live karaoke at each fan club. You can recieve coins right away at the live karaoke.

  • Q. What is a membership card?

    The card on My Page is the membership card.
    The Membership card is issued when you join the fan club. You can participate in various events with your fan club card.

  • Q. How can I use the membership card?

    FNS provides a fair payment system based on fandom activities through blockchain. Click ‘Like’ on your favorite content with the Honor. The more Honor they receive, the higher the value of my honor is. By uploading content and having other members click ‘Like’ you can get more Honor. The Honor is automatically converted to ‘Artist Gold’ every day and can be exchanged to Coin to generate profit.

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